Coffee Pod Holder 36 K Cup Storage Rack Cups Drawer Organizer Black

Coffee Pod Holder 36 K Cup Storage Rack Cups Drawer Organizer Black

New Coffee Pod Holder 36 K Cup Storage Rack Cups Drawer Organizer Black

New Coffee Pod Holder 36 K Cup Storage Rack Cups Drawer Organizer Black About this item: SAVE TIME IN THE MORNING: Making coffee shouldn t have to be a frantic scavenger hunt. So forget racing through your kitchen drawers or cabinets every morning desperately scrambling to find the right blend before you have to get out the door. Everything youll need to make the coffee you want is perfectly organized for you here and is always on time. THE PERFECT SPACE SAVER: Keep all 36 single coffee servings in one place. No matter what your favorite brew is this pod holder easily stores them all in three drawers. Each drawer holds 12 coffee pods allowing you to neatly organize your coffee and find them according to your taste brand or mood. SLEEK AND SIMPLE DESIGN: The MIND READER Anchor Triple Drawer Coffee Organizer is designed with a simple yet modern touch. Place it under any pod coffee maker and watch it instantly blend into its office setting or kitchen decor. The surface is smooth and the silver handles are clean and luxurious. COFFEE LOVERS WILL LOVE YOU: When it comes to your coffee loving friends we know they take their coffee seriously and drink it often The best way to their hearts is by helping them get to their caffeine craving as easily and as organized as possible. Give them the gift of what they love most inside a convenient and space saving capsule pod holder. RUBBER GRIPS: Kitchen countertops are notorious for having a slippery surface. But whether youre moving your Keurig Dolce Gusto coffee machine or simply reaching into the drawer to pick out your favorite Verismo coffee pod this coffee pod storage has rubber grips underneath so it always stays right where you want it to. Product Color: Black Your morning routine is about to get easier. The MIND READER Anchor Triple Drawer Coffee Pod Holder saves you time and space Getting up in the morning to make coffee shouldn t feel like a frantic scavenger hunt to find what you need. Keep your kitchen drawers and cabinets closed skip the scrambling and get out the door on time with your coffee in hand. Keep all 36 coffee servings in a simple neatly organized single storage solution. Easily store your favorite coffee pods in any of the three drawers each drawer holding up to 12 coffee pods at a time. For any moment in the day where coffee is in order easily find what youre looking for in this Mind Reader drawer or coffee pod holder. And dont let spills or stains stop you Just cause coffee stations can get a little dirty this organizer is easily cleaned in just a few wipes. The top surface and inside drawers can have mess and any tough stains be effortlessly washed away with a single cloth or paper towel. Weve also designed this pod holder with minimalism and simplicity in mind. Place the MIND READER Anchor under any pod coffee maker and have it instantly blend into any type of decor and other kitchen accessories. It adds a clean yet luxurious touch to your office or kitchen space. We know that quality coffee deserves quality storage. Never again do you have to place your expensive finely brewed coffee inside the grip of a sticky flimsy poorly constructed coffee pod carousel holder or rack. Let this durable coffee storage made with upscale material reflect your tastes. Holds up to 36 coffee cups. Enough space on top for your coffee machine. Easy sliding drawer allows you to store coffee cups with easy access. Key Features 36 Capacity This storage drawer allows you to store up to 36 coffee cups at a time. Allowing you to store your coffee cups all in one place. 3 Sliding Drawers Built with three storage sliding doors that easily slides open shut when need be. Making it easy to access your favorite coffee pods. Storage on top Allows you to place your coffee machine on top of this drawer organizer. Saving you both the space the organization worries.

Price: $34.94

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