Hydroponic Growing Media Coconut Fiber Coco Coir Natural Peat Greenhouse 10 Lb

Hydroponic Growing Media Coconut Fiber Coco Coir Natural Peat Greenhouse 10 Lb

HYDROPONIC GROWING MEDIA COCONUT FIBER coco coir natural peat greenhouse 10 lb

which encourages favorable micro organisms around the root zone. Having a slow degradation rate it conditions the soil and promotes the development of an optimum pH level. Coconut Coir has been universally accepted as an excellent plant growth substrate as well as a soil additive Coconut Coir is the future of growing mediums and will last three times as long as Peat Moss and Sphagnum Moss. Coconut Coir is hydrophilic and will re wet easily without the use of chemical wetting agents and is capable of holding and releasing nutrients Applications of Coconut Coir Hydroponics greenhouses Golf course greens Potting mixes Cut flowers Propagating Re planting Mushroom farming Bonsai mixes Turf farming Garden beds Bedding medium for Earth worms Vegetable gardens Rose cultivation and general garden uses. Amazingly it did not find a home for commercial growing until the 1980s in Holland. Dutch lily and rose growers discovered how good it promoted and supported root growth. When used in hydroponics growing it was found to be superior to peat moss. Coconut Coir was better aerated and still held more water. Unlike peat moss and bark composts Coconut Coir did not break down or compact. Containers that had been filled with Coir four years previous were found to be at the same level and consistency. Dutch rose growers in the U.S. and Canada were next to find that this was the answer for their new hydroponics support media. Due to the foreign competition a new method had been adopted to produce roses that were as large as those being imported from Ecuador and Colombia. At first clay pebbles were used then following suggestions and observations from Europe Coconut Coir was introduced. Trials using 100% Coconut Coir soon showed that this was the ideal media for the hydroponics growing method. Why use coir as a growing medium? Coir is superior to peat moss in both chemical nutrient value and in physical properties. Commercial growers in Europe and the Middle East have established positive agronomic benefits of Coir use. Now commercial growers in North America have begun to see increases in gains from using Coir. In addition unlike peat moss the process of obtaining Coir does not destroy natural ecosystems thereby making Coir a natural renewable resource and an environmentally friendly alternative to peat moss. Coconut Coir growing mediums are dehydrated and compressed into a compact form for easy handling. With the addition of water Coir expands to an easy to work with growing medium. The addition of water increases the volume 3 to 9 times depending on the packaging of products. This process results in a 100% organic biodegradable growing medium making it a natural and safe growth medium of choice for growers. How Do I Expand My Coir? Coir only needs water to expand. Simply add the specified amount of water to your Coir and let it stand to begin the expansion process. Breaking apart the material with a shovel or stick will help to speed up the process. If too much water is added simply drain the excess water after the Coir is expanded. For faster expansion use warm water. To expand one block of 5 Kg we add 12 gallons of water 2 1 2 buckets of 5 gallon in a container. This 5kg block will make enough soil after expanded to fill any of this: 270 4 azalea pots 216 4 standard pots 124 5 azalea pots 78 6 azalea pots 57 6 standard pots you a buying one brick of 12 x 12 x 5 inch 10 lbs fit exactly on a large flat rate box when expanded will fill it in total 6 7 boxes of same size.

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