1×60 Caps Japan Slimming Day Diet Chinese Herb Diet Fast Weight Loss Fat Burner

1×60 Caps Japan Slimming Day Diet Chinese Herb Diet Fast Weight Loss Fat Burner

1x60 caps Japan Slimming DAY DIET Chinese Herb Diet Fast Weight Loss Fat Burner

DAY DIET Natural Chinese Herbal Weight Loss Slimming Fast BurnerTracking NO Box 1 Day Diet slimming capsule is specially designed to help considerably overweight people lose weight and keep it off. 1 Day diet works in your digestive system to block fat in the food you eat from being digested. Preventing the fat accumulation comprehensively rapidly drive the trash and toxin away getting slim in very short time. Focus on reducing belly hip upper arm thighs for the obese. And those who weight. Increased after childbirth Including those who can not lose weight by diet. 1 DAY DIET Weight loss capsules have the effect of preventing fat absorption into the body. By catching fat in the intestines and stomach. At the same time it will increase the fiber diet to saturate fat with the body. The fat does not accumulate in the body and detoxification quickly. Helps break down excess fat most of which accumulates in the limbs calves belly and chin as well as fat that is not harmless. Does not make the heart vibrate Property : 1. Helps accelerate fat burning with the leptin component that can accelerate ATP turnover which can burn fat quickly. 2. Prevent the fat absorbed into the body by the amount of 5HT into the body. Make us feel full. It does not affect the absorption of various nutrients. According to the needs of the body Then reduce fat absorption and burn fat at the same time. 3. Accelerate fat metabolism. THE PERFORMANCE OF ONE DAY DIET 1. No side effects. Does not make us diarrhea No Yo Yo Back Fat 2. No appetite. 3. Can lose weight regularly. 4. Stimulate fat burning diet metabolism 5. Absorption of food and fat. 6. Accelerate fat metabolism. Suitable for :Fat people Weight gain after childbirth Those who can not lose weight by diet and exercise. Packing :500 mg x 60 capsules Components : Africa Natto Ganoderma Lucidum Ginseng Fructus Mume Euryale Feroxseeds Poria Cocos Semen Pruni Chinese Yam Cassis Seed and wheatgermo other herbal essence. Not Suitable for : Those with all kinds of congenital diseases. Patients with heart disease. High pressure Vascular disease Patients who are mentally ill or addicted to substance abuse and diseases caused by drinking. Patient is Liver disease kidney disease epilepsy Patients with prostatic hyperplasia or glaucoma Pregnant or breastfeeding Those who are younger than 18 or older than 60 years Absolutely do not eat this product with other medicines This product is unsuitable for pregnant women and people with cardiovascular disease and apoplexia. This product is only for dietary supplements. No effect on the cure of any disease. Possible Side Effects : dry mouth sweating dizzy tired easily Suggested Dosage :Begin taking in small dosage that in once per day 1 capsule each time for the first three days then you can take 2 4 capsules each time once per day if you don’t feel uncomfortable otherwise keep taking in small dosage. Take it before breakfast to achieve the best result. Usage :1 capsule daily after breakfast not more than 15 minutes..

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