19 Oz. Lindt Chocolate Assorted Lindor Truffle Bag

19 Oz. Lindt Chocolate Assorted Lindor Truffle Bag

19 oz. Lindt Chocolate Assorted Lindor Truffle Bag

ine pieces of white milk darkand 60% extra dark Lindt chocolate balls. Stock up for the holidays and special occasions or just keep a bag around for whenever a chocolate craving strikes. How do Experts Rate Lindt Lindor?Lindt chocolate is made from the finest cocoa and other ingredients and is manufactured using the latest technology. This lends a unique rich taste to its milk and white chocolates while the dark chocolates extra richness adds to the premium feel of Lindt chocolate balls. The Lindt brand is regarded as engineers of the best chocolates in the world. Their products are made from scratch using handpicked ingredients and raw materials. History of Lindt ChocolateProduction of Lindt Chocolate today dates back to the 1880s when it was prepared in a German confectionery shop using improvised technology. Throughout the years it has evolved with new flavors and new varieties of chocolates but the philosophy behind producing each Lindt Chocolate Assorted Lindor Truffle Bags has been very much the same as before with high quality premium products. BRAND NEWITEM. This item can not be shipped to Alaska Hawaii Puerto Rico PO Box FAA Address or APO FPO Box and outside of USA. Return Instructions Policies: 1. Buyer will pay return shipping for inauthentic return reasons. 2. Returned items should be in their original form and should be boxed properly as received. 3. Refund will be issued once we would receive the item in its original form after investigation.

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